Much to do about Nothing

Inbetween working, studying and some parenting, it’s hard to find the time to blog and it’s what I like doing most. Try explaining that to my Professor, my boss, my husband and my delightful two little rogues.

I write press releases, statements, tweets, Facebook comments by day and essays, tutorial notes by night, and yet I can’t quite find the time to write.

What did I do before? I know. I travelled, danced, partied and spent a whole lot of time doing nothing, and it was great. It’s like having lived another life. Ten years ago today, I would have most probably been travelling in North America or Europe with one of the biggest shows at that time; packed arenas, after parties, and lots lots more. And I would have had plenty to write about, and now I’ve much to do about nothing.

Having said this, and I’m teasing you a bit – as it’s a part of my life people often ask me about, but I’m not telling you that part yet. I love that every day I have a reason to get up. I love the little hands I hold. I love waking up to the bed being full. I love missing them. I’m not totally delusional though, I don’t love taking them shopping or their tantrums.

Much to do about Nothing, but there’s always the washing, the dishwasher to empty or the half-written email, or the essays to keep my mind drifting off to another time and another place.

Love Felicity Fox



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