Here’s an idea by Felicity Fox

Here’s an idea by Felicity Fox

“Welcome to the Company, the world’s leading experts in creativity.”

Dressed head-to-toe, predictably in black, this one’s not seen a floral or a pastel palette in quite some time. Note to self, when you make it, only wear black.

“You will be working for the world’s leading consultancy.” Oh how fabulous? I love leading the way.

“We want dynamic, fresh, talented people to use their creativity to bring the very best ideas to our clients.”

Yes, yes.

Ideas, dreams, and someone is going to pay me to do this? I’m going to pinch myself.

“And time-sheets?”

“Sorry, pardon I lost you there, I’m with the creatives, the dynamics, the wonderful ideas. Time-sheets, really not my thing.”

All ideas are good ideas, but that’s a terrible one. Time-sheets, like I can quantify my dynamism? I’m an artist, not a factory. I can’t just clock in and clock out.

Like Pixar have people clocking in and and out, more like whizzing about in their roller skates, and being yes, creative; thinking up billion dollar ideas not doing time-sheets.”

“This is how we do it here? It’s historical.” Oh well then, we’d better not change history, that would be a catastrophe.

Dynamic, the walls are magnolia, the carpet’s grey, the computer’s a PC, not an iPad. What is this company not getting about being creative? There are templates too. Oh no, not templates, this can only mean one thing, career suicide. I’ve sold out and my ideas are going to be templated and incorporated.

And don’t let me get started on the shareholders…

Felicity Fox



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