Why? By Felicity Fox


Felicity Fox ©


I remember the first time I read Anne Frank and the first time I saw the little girl in the red coat in Schindler’s list. I remember thinking why? Why hadn’t someone stopped it? How could people stand by and watch? Why? Why? Why?

But that was then, and this is now.

I felt this despair again last week, watching Syria. I wanted everyone to stop too.

Stop going on and on about the Jubilee, the Olympics, tea parties and cupcakes.


This time it was far worse. It was happening now. It had happened.


Devastation. Children. And politics.

Talk of international relations and policies, but what about the children?

My five year old was watching too. Should I shun him from this? Spoil his innocence?

But what about their innocence? I can’t explain this to him because I don’t want to.

I’m not angry. I’m sad.

To think about it is all-consuming, so should I ignore it? It feels like everyone else is.

Being on the opposing side of the fence is exhausting,

but it’s as wrong today as it was yesterday and more than sixty years ago.

Felicity Fox ©



9 thoughts on “Why? By Felicity Fox”

  1. You’re not the only one who feels that way, and that fact alone is how I work myself away from feeling hopeless about the difference between the humanity we’re supposed to have and the lack of it we hear about and see on the news too often. As a mom myself, though my children are grown and almost grown, I’d suggest that it’s okay to explain it to your little one as long as you remember to simplify it to his level. Something pretty much along the lines of what you posted here, that people are hurting others and it makes you sad, may actually be a good and important way of sharing your empathy and helping him realize his own in a way that won’t harm his innocence.

    1. Well said Spijder. I would also add (having been an elementary and middle school teacher), that most kids are more capable of understanding things on a more complex level than we often give them credit for. I think in some ways, by shielding them from the pains and horrors of existence we don’t do them justice, and might be doing more harm than good in stifling some of their emotional development. But yes, you do need to bring it down to their level, sometimes that level is just higher than we think. Now I need to go convince myself the world doesn’t suck…

  2. Well said FF! Too many concentrating on a privileged few and ignoring the plight of innocent children. Not enough pressure being put on No. 10 as people are too busy putting up bunting!

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