Love me back by Felicity Fox





Make friends

Have faith

Question everything,

and above all, love me back.



Felicity Fox ©

5 thoughts on “Love me back by Felicity Fox”

  1. Actually though, this is REALLY weird for me.This siuattion actually happened, minus the mad science aspect. My mom was the Martina, and her friend/roommate was the Felicity.I’m hoping that Felicity and Martina’s friendship can survive. My mom and her friend don’t even talk anymore; in the friends words, Imagine you were best friends with Keanu Reeves, but he could never, ever, be attracted to you. (My mom was WAY into Keanu Reeves).Tl;Dr: Real Life experience, hope it turns out better for Felicity and Martina. 0 likes

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