Olympics 2012 – The Torch Came and Went by Felicity Fox


By Felicity Fox
© Felicity Fox
My boy x

Like going to see your auntie’s for an annual visit, some chit chat and niceties, that’s what yesterday’s whistle stop Olympic torch tour felt like. They’d probably rather not but just one of those things they had to do.

The Olympics hasn’t really captured hearts and minds. And no wonder, with only 1% of contracts going to Scotland there has not really been much to shout about or perhaps not enough people shouting about that.

London’s looking like its having the party of all parties, and we’re the uninvited guests looking on.

Laying down my savvy cynicism for a moment, I too became swept away and joined in the watchers. Racing by the houses was a torch. A flame. The start of the Games. Summer TV watching 2012. And then it was gone, racing out of Scotland as fast as it had arrived.

But when I turned around, the sheer delight on the faces of my boys and my friends was a spectacle. The party planner of all party planners had decked out her house, the drink was flowing and the food plenty.

We are athletes, my friends and I. Rounds one, two, three and four we took in our stride.
And when there’s ever a hurdle or two along the way we each pass the baton seamlessly.

We were together. We weren’t celebrating the Olympics, not really. We were celebrating friendship and our beautiful children.

© Felicity Fox


6 thoughts on “Olympics 2012 – The Torch Came and Went by Felicity Fox”

  1. Love, love, love it!!!!! What a very special day it was for all the reasons you have mentioned!!! :-))) kxxxxxx

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