My Reflection by Felicity Fox

My Love
© Felicity Fox
My Reflection
My Reflection
His laugh, his cry, his tantrum rants, he is my reflection.
Content in his own little world, why would I want to change that.
Watching him reminds me of her and who she was.
Standing by, I want to be her again to laugh and cry and dance.

© Felicity Fox


10 thoughts on “My Reflection by Felicity Fox”

      1. True. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (31 years ago) I thought I was joining this amazing club. But then I got to join an even greater one that has better members.

      2. That is lovely. Absolutely, I love the people I’ve met but it’s the little faces starring up at me that define me.
        I think I was too sleep deprived to notice and now I want to absorb every moment, even the noise.
        Thanks for posting. FF

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