I was There

My Son,

How was I to know you’d leave my arms?
Five years on, where’s time gone?

I was there at first sight,
Time stood still in awe of you.

I was there from the start,
To count your toes and fingers too.

Walking hand in hand

I was there to wind your back,
To ease your pain and understand.

I was there to pick you up,
To hold your hand, and dust you down.

Schoolbag on back

I was there through the night,
To hear your cries and comfort you.

I was there when first you spoke,
and kicked a ball and met your brother at the door.

How proud I am of you.

I was there to watch you grow,
From eight pounds to the boy I know.

I was there to love you,
More than words could ever show.

I’ll be there to hear your tales at the end of every day,

Run on now, I’ll be there at three o’clock.

Turning round and letting go,
I was there.



4 thoughts on “I was There”

  1. Beautiful … Kiela is starting at the end of this month and we are in bits too…. where did those five wonderful years go… xoc

    1. Thanks for posting on here! People say it flies and then it creeps up on you. I’ve loved my life since 5 years ago, because even through the hard bits, I had complete love. I’m happy and sad if that makes any sense. It’s an overwhelming feeling. Xxx

  2. I love reading your blog. This is gorgeous. Isabella starts nursery in a few weeks & it breaks my heart that she is growing so fast. xxxx

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