Spandex Friday

Is that a toe I see?

Oh, deary me.

I believe in exercise just as much as the next person, but on a Friday the school run is Spandex Friday.

Mothers, and fathers I might add, take to displaying everything they have to offer.

It’s not like I’ve never done it, so I’m not criticising, I’m merely observing.

“It’s the hard-knock life for us” I hear them sigh as they jog into the horizon after dropping off the little darlings. So much to do, so little time.

But before they dash or climb aboard the 4by4 to the gym, dare I be the one to point out that this defeats the purpose? The school gates are awash with Spandex.

Don’t bend down or over, let the little ones tie their own shoelaces. I’ve just had breakfast and I have crotches and other things at eye level.

At least wear a long top, or a jacket or a coat, or change at the gym, there’s an idea.

VPLs everywhere, spectacles and the rest in cyclewear. I  don’t quite know where to look.

Sprouting and pouting, this is not a good look and I’m writing this as much for myself as for others. Spandex Friday is an eyesore. Lycra’s not your friend and nor will it ever be no matter how many laps you do of the school gates.


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