And so I started a business

I cannot multi-task. I am a woman and I cannot multi-task.

I was scolded the other day for not updating this and I deserved the scolding. But you see, my five-year jail term at the law school continues. And I am doing time. It has been the worst time. It started when my baby was well, a baby. He’s now five years old, reading better than I and he’ll be joining me by the time I finish.

Studying the exception to the exception to the exception is tedious. So in between writing poetry, studying, being Santa’s wee helper and writing for clients, I started a business.

Felicity Fox opened a shop on Facebook writing quotes, musings, bespoke poetry, doing what I love. With the dream of writing a book still somewhere in the distance…


P.s will be updating this regularly with my many pitfalls. Numbers and I don’t ever add up

Love Felicity Fox



One thought on “And so I started a business”

  1. Michigan Mom – All Good things come to those who wait:and someeimts even Great things, as in the son of Trev, and Jen, Walker, you are definitely proving to be worth the wait.Love, M.G.April 1, 2010 4:31 am

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