Studying with the Kids

At first I was going to write about what’s it’s like to study with the kids. The constant nagging, my ignoring and in between, I’m writing sentences and trying to remember cases.

Distractions are everywhere and as I head into my exam, I’m trying to clear my mind, though mindful that I have to pick up at 5. Thankfully the exam is on to 4:30, time enough.

Something v Something, oh I forgot to give him £2 for the theatre, Peterson that’s the name. Think, think.

“The exam will begin in 5 minutes.”

If only I could see the Invigilator. The wean sitting in front of me has a beehive close to hitting the ceiling. How long did that take her to put up? And I’m not even discussing the riding up denim shorts in the middle of winter.

“You must not leave the exam in the first half hour.” Why would you leave? Even without knowing answers, to have two and a half hours to myself is blissful. To write uninterrupted and the beautiful silence. No talking. Silence. Complete silence; fabulous!

No toileting. No Muuummmy! No, I’m finished!!!!

Just me, an exam about…, which one is this? And silence.

“The exam will begin.”

And we’re off. I’m out of the box quickly. Pen to paper, I’m going to tell you everything I know about this subject and it’s ugly.

Half an hour later and they’re leaving. Where are you going? There are weans leaving. Sure, it’s dark outside and it’s getting late.

I’m staying till the bitter end. Me and my paper, and yes there are questions to answer.

Q1: Dear examiner, the case I wish I knew the name of, wait it will come back to me, but there was a case and in it there was a man, and I think I remember there was a woman.

Anyway, the point is, there is a point of law, a statute where the law can be found and then lots of cases that just ignore that law anyway. And Europe. They are an enigma.

So, basically laws are made in the books, tested in the courts and ignored in Europe. So, it could go either way. Who knows? What do you think? Well, I’d say that it’s arguable. Toss a coin, for or against. It depends on the judge, that’s the law.

Q2: I’m not going to be able to answer the full question here. You see, my son is 5 and last night we were doing his homework for ages. Absolutely ages and he is only primary one. After that, I had to get the uniforms ready and I don’t make the pack lunches, but they are a thought and then, by that time I thought I better get some sleep before the exam. But as I said, Europe will just rewrite it, so it’s not really worth my while writing about it.

Please take all of the above into consideration when marking this paper.




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