Faux Fashion

Not for one minute do I consider Victoria Beckham to be a fashion designer. No, she is a PR guru. Brand Beckham is the Tesco and Asda of the fashion world. The front row is staged with her husband looking loyally on, need we forget Rebecca Loose, and Anna Wintour, who is competing with her own trout pouting, following in tow.

The models are beautiful, the cut of the cloth exquisite, and the star of the show “VB” is performing her act as the fashion designer dressed in black, as only fashion designers do. It’s about the clothes, the lines, the cuts of the cloth…”Oh, please!”
I’m a Spice Girl, I’m a fashionista, I’m a Mother, and a lover.

No, you are a PR girl. And I’m not buying it. Literally, not buying it because it is far too expensive and I don’t care what the front row says. You are a well oiled machine.

So, this PR girl thought she’d take a stab at fashion. If Vicky can do it, I can do it too.

Act one, find a fashionista outfit in black that does not distract. In other words, there is nothing new here, copy Audrey Hepburn. Take one Christian Dior Wool Jacket, £126 from Fab UK and I’ve got it, team with black jeans and you’ve one fashionista outfit.

Act 2, find a footballer husband and position him in the front row. Sorry, I checked all over Fab and other outlets and there were all out of stock. Anyway, rumour is that Wags have gone bust lately and they’ve had to find themselves all sorts of jobs, i.e paid employment.

Act 3, find Anna Wintour. I actually couldn’t believe anyone could look as miserable as Victoria Beckham, until I saw a picture of Anna. They’re like twins.

Finale, you must find lots of money to do all of the above. But I’d like to know who oils the machine? No pun intended.

Fab UK

http://eu.fab.com/sale/4884/product/82222/?sid=350 – here you go for a sneak peak.



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