Game, set and match

The camera spans the crowd; white, rich, middle class. There may be a few exceptions, but on the whole, it’s an elite crowd. Dressed in glistening whites, the Home Counties look is on. Celebrities, Royalty, straw hats and strawberries and the grunting of two men as the ball pings back and forth. It’s Wimbledon.

fur coat, nae knickers
all fur coat and nae knickers

The crowd, like the spectators in a gladiators’ arena, are jeering like only debaters know how. The athletes are prime thoroughbreds as they battle it out on Centre Court. Sport breaks all divides and barriers they say, but not ticket prices. With tickets reaching prices of up to £13,600, it’s for the few, not the many.

The men are sporting beige, baby blue, brown belts and tan shoes, the look of the south of France. It’s the look of money. The women are wearing blow drys, the look of hired help. It’s sunglasses and umbrellas, pout trouts and highlights. It’s a riveting spectacle. Sport is a force for good and what better way to celebrate this than to bow and to curtsy and to keep the privileged in their seats.



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