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I want time to stand still,
I want the world to know,
I’m waiting for love and you’ve yet to show.
Wrapped in a blanket, safe in my arms, this is how I imagine you.
From the first cry, love has arrived.
Skin to skin and we begin,
My child and I.


Felicity Fox



A Fleeting Moment by Felicity Fox

© Felicity Fox
A Fleeting Moment

There’s a picture of my friend and I. A fleeting moment, but a beautiful one. Her hand grasped upon my wrist. Her day not mine, but yet she is holding me. Eyes down, not sad, consumed. She radiates, the other consumes. Few words are spoken, but it’s enough. Her gift to make each feel special, even for a fleeting moment. Watching her she leaves to court her audience. I’m grateful to have known and shared just a fleeting moment of beautiful friendship with her.

By Felicity Fox ©

When I’m not There by Felicity Fox

Glasgow Boys by Felicity Fox ©
Glasgow Boys by Felicity Fox ©
Captured in the doorway of a Glasgow building in the City Centre
It’s not the badge that you wear,
Nor the scroll that you hold,
It’s calling him a star,
It’s who you are.
It’s the time that you give,
The love that you bring,
The heart that you show,
The pain that you hide.
It’s every day that you’re there,
It’s his eyes at your name,
It’s the void that you fill,
When I’m not there.
Thank you.

© Felicity Fox